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    Last Days

    by Christopher Roberts

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    In this book we will review the changes that may be taking place on planet earth; particularly as we head towards a period the bible calls 'End Times.' This book will not attempt to make wild outlandish prophecies that cannot be backed up with scripture or empirical evidence.

    However, it will provide a potential forecast about what could happen in the last days of time; leaving people with some form of barometer to prepare them for the future. This book does not intend to be dogmatic about end time events, simply because different commentators have different views about what might happen just before Christ's Second Coming.

    We shall evaluate why governments are shaking and what might lay ahead for the citizens of a changing world. We shall also discuss some of the false ministries and miracles that are beginning to deceive many.

    We shall analyse some of the potential changes that could come about through population growth; along with the increasing problems associated with urbanisation.

    Using evidence from the United Kingdom Met Office, from over the last 100 years, this book will debunk the myth surrounding climate change. We shall also consider why it is important to seek God for a spiritual awakening; something that could provide support to those who want to go all out for God as the days grow darker.

    There's an interesting chapter on the life of antichrist, and the wars he may engage in, as part of his efforts to influence events across the world. Finally we will consider which country could potentially be Mystery Babylon and how God will use antichrist to bring about her destruction.

    It is my prayer that you will enjoy this book; that you might learn something new from it as you continue to seek out truth surrounding the end time events that will eventually overtake planet earth.




















    Last Days Christopher Roberts

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